The Loview 'Dreamtempo' Compact Disc

  • The Loview 'Dreamtempo' Compact Disc

Release date: 01.05.2020
Label: Mother Night Label
Genre: Electronic/Downtempo
Style: Instrumental/Sample-based

Limited edition compact disc. Full colour digipak. Bonus download codes to the album in WAV, FLAC and MP3 formats.
"Half hiphop beat-tape, half downtempo soundtrack, Dreamtempo is a carefully constructed mash of styles and moods; soft, dusty electro-psychedelia that playfully guides the listener along a keen emotional narrative.

Released through the fledging Mother Night Label, the album showcases upcoming producer/beatmaker The Loview’s original take on the beat genre. Commendable for it's collagic approach to sound, using sampling to construct multilayered scenes textured with field recordings and embellished with lo-fi production techniques and live instrumentation.

The artist’s varying influences take form in the dubby effected rhythms, saturated beats and heavy bass, while ‘tracks within tracks’ give way to the beat genre format. Wistful and nostalgic for-the-future vibes."